Research Interests

My early research was focused on ultracold gases in rotating optical lattices, where the rotation was meant to generate a synthetic magnetic field for neutral atoms. I examined various phenomena in these systems such as the superfluid-Mott insulator transition, coexistence of fractional quantum Hall (FQH) and Mott insulator states, p-band physics, and BCS pairing.

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As a part of my recent research activity, I have attempted to extend some of these ideas to the realm of photonics. More precisely, I have investigated the means of creating artificial gauge fields for photons and polaritons (quasi-particles of light-matter interaction) and looked for strongly-correlated phases of them, including FQH states, in a driven-dissipative setting. In the near future, I plan to continue my research along similar lines, examining in particular the topologically-protected features of many-particle physics that could emerge in both photonic and ultracold atomic systems.